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The Leony line of jewelry appeared in 2018, taking its name from Pietro’s newborn daughter, Leonie. It brings together all the passions of its creator. First and foremost, music: punk and hard core, crossover and hip hop. Then come movies and their influence, with the apocalyptic esthetics of Mad Max and the punk adrenaline of Point Break, not to mention medieval fantasy echoes resounding from the Game of Thrones TV series. Leony design is a child of punk minimalism, with a touch of goth or good measure. Check out the nods to studded weaponry, ironenhanced doors, the ornamentation of armor and helmets, and elements that adorn the architecture of the Monferrato countryside, a land rife with legends that date back to the Crusades and chivalry. Leony abounds in ancient symbolism and toys with lore of sorceryand magic, incorporating stones like chrysoprase, amethyst, malachite and onyx, mounted on rings that are big and bold.

Standouts are pointed, oversize rings with extra-large studs – true agender, unisex amulets. In fact, a basic tenet of crystal healing therapy holds that chrysoprase inspires stability and resolution, and is a bringer of good luck; malachite reinforces willpower and mental clarity; and onyx is the volcanic stone that wards off negative energy and superfluousness. Leony’s inspiration combines apocalyptic esthetics and a no-future mindset with the art of crystal healing therapy, to create jewelry that makes a powerful and disruptive statement – a punk attitude in a positive key. Things that could easily be worn while a protection and banishing spell is being cast. Rings become shields, symbols of strength, keeping the forces of evil at bay. To be donned while one engages in his or her own daily battle, buttressed by the properties

of each single stone. The Leony line also features barbed-wire chains and collars with studs

and pendants – tusks and amulets that symbolize atavistic strength. All Leony jewelry features 925 sterling silver.

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