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Leony is the new brand of Italian jewelry flaunting designs that are minimalist, punk and goth, featuring 925 sterling silver and hard stones. Creator Pietro Bazzani was born in Torino in 1984. Until he was 18, Pietro lived in the hilly Monferrato countryside nearby. Then he packed up and moved to Milano, where he studied business law. But jewelry attracted his attention more than any law book ever ould. So he began working with his dad, whose mother had started the family jewelry business. Meanwhile, he also earned a master’s degree in fashion management – fashion being another passion at the top of his list.  


Pietro’s life changed forever. His family background, his passion for street-style fashion and a certain musical esthetic he aspired to, led him to design his first jewelry collection – all hand-crafted, all Italian. While his forbears adorned the respectable bourgeoisie of northern Italy with bon ton jewelrywise, Pietro sought to create a line that smacked of nonconformist rebellion. Artisanal sophistication with a soul anything but soft. You see, Pietro is also a drummer with a passion for ’90s hip hop and the guitar work of Josh Homme from the days of Kyuss. Ergo, his plan: the creation of an all-new, silverfied jolt to a look that’s pun and dystopian.

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